Reading and Understanding Music


Rhythm Exercises 61 to 100

The following Rhythmic Exercises will help you develop your rhythm reading.

STEP 1   Examine the example you are about to sing, and read aloud the time names in a suitable tempo.

STEP 2   Now clap the rhythm pattern as you say the time names.

STEP 3   Finally, click anywhere on the Rhythm Exercise graphic so that you can hear the correct rhythm pattern and check your accuracy. Note that the first bar of the recorded exercise will be a click track to set the tempo.

Copyright Notice

These linked exercises were developed by Hedley Harwood for the Buderim Male Choir. Licence is granted to other Choirs to use this information for private study purposes, provided the Buderim Male Choir and Hedley Harwood are acknowledged as the source of this material and as copyright owners. This information is not to be used for commercial purposes.