Reading & Understanding Musical Intervals

SIGHT SINGING INTERVALS (major, minor and perfect)

Each of the extracts below come from well known songs, and each one high lights a major, minor or perfect interval within the range of an octave.

1. Sing the complete extract first

2. Now sing the interval within the box outline several times.

3. For major and perfect intervals, sing up the major scale until you reach that note (use numbers)
      e.g. for a major sixth, sing "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6" then just the two notes "1" and "6".

4. For minor intervals, sing up the natural minor scale using numbers as above.

5. Become very familiar with each of these intervals

Copyright Notice

These linked exercises were developed by Hedley Harwood for the Buderim Male Choir. Licence is granted to other Choirs to use this information for private study purposes, provided the Buderim Male Choir and Hedley Harwood are acknowledged as the source of this material and as copyright owners. This information is not to be used for commercial purposes.